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What is Common Ground?

Common Ground is a therapeutic Supervised Parenting Time Program for families to unite under supervised terms and to provide children and parents an opportunity to develop and improve their relationship.

Kids are at the center of a parent’s universe. This is why Sandbox Family Solutions’ commitment to parents is to keep kids at the center of every conversation, decision, and program. We strive to insulate kids from conflict by setting their parents up to separate and co-parent successfully. Sandbox Family Solutions offers families tools to improve their co-parenting relationships, problem solve, and get on with their life. We’re building a world with happier, well-adjusted children, who grow into healthy adults. The Common Ground Supervised Parenting Time Program stays true to this mission. 

Who Can Access Common Ground?

A family may be referred to Common Ground by either the courts, lawyers, the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL), or by self-referral with a court order or separation agreement which specifies the conditions of parenting time schedule (times, dates, and frequency of the visits). 

Conditions for acceptance into the program: 

  • Both custodial and non-custodial parent must complete an application and any additional required paperwork 
  • Each parent and child(ren) must attend an orientation meeting with the Intake Coordinator prior to beginning supervised visits
  • A retainer fee of $515.00 + HST is required once eligibility has been met and prior to the first orientation meeting
  • Upon acceptance into the program, the first visit must be paid for in advance. 


*We reserve the right to restrict or limit program use

What Makes Common Ground Different?

Common Ground’s foundation is built on the recommendations found in academic literature as well as through experience by professionals in the field of family law, family mediation, and child psychology. We use the Therapeutic Parenting Time Model which means the parent assumes all parenting responsibilities for the child(ren). The time with the child(ren) becomes “parenting” the child(ren) rather than “visiting” with the child(ren). Therefore, parenting focuses on learning relationship-based skills and practicing adaptive parenting skills.
At Common Ground our goal is to help facilitate the philosophy of “parenting” rather than “visiting” the child. This means that parenting time will always take place within a homelike setting to mimic realistic parenting environments whether that be at our office which is setup to mimic a home environment, in the non-custodial parent’s home, or in the community.

Service Fees

Intake Fee – $85.00 + HST*

Administrative Retainer – $515.00+ HST

Here’s a breakdown of what the administrative retainer fee covers:

  • Intake with primary caregiver,
  • Intake/ orientation with the child, this is done to establish rapport with the child and to identify likes/dislikes for visit planning,
  • Intake with the non-primary caregiver to identify needs and strengths etc.
  • Review of client file(s)

Supervised Parenting Time Fee- $120.00/hr + HST (minimum 3 hours)


To get started with this program, please complete the appropriate intake form and email it to [email protected]

Click here to download the Primary Caregiver Intake Form

Click here to download the Non-Primary Caregiver Intake Form