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While divorce is a trauma to any family, the process doesn’t have to be traumatic.
Save your child(ren) from bearing the burden of bad behaviour. Together we’ll stop the negative cycle and start the healing.

Success is 100% in your control.

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Therapeutic Services


Whether it’s you, your child, or the entire family struggling through something, we can support you with a safe place to talk, and the tools you need to process what’s going on.

For Kids

Life is tough. Kids aren’t born knowing how to deal with heavy emotions or challenging situations. This can affect how they feel, act, or learn. By using evidence based approaches, we can support your child to identify their feelings and learn new ways of coping.

For Parents

Being a parent is a huge responsibility that doesn’t come with an instruction manual. (We wish it did!) The best way to solve parenting problems is to ask for help from someone who "gets it". All of our therapist are also parents. We can relate! We use all of our education and practical experience to help you move forward on your parenting journey.

For Couples

Every relationship should have a check-up once in a while. The reality here is, folks, that there is always room for improvement with how you communicate with your partner. You don’t need a crisis (though we can help with that too) to seek support. We’ll help you strengthen your relationship as you move through life together, or guide you through the process as you choose to go your separate ways.

For Families

Every family is unique and has their own combination of personalities, perspectives, and opinions. We can help you improve communication and resolve conflicts all while deepening family connections. Stressful times don’t last, a strong family does.

The Divorce Clinic


For guidance on the separation process to learning how to parent from two homes and resolving challenging conflicts, we’ll get you through the tough stuff, always prioritizing the best interests of your child(ren).


Raising kids in two homes is easier said than done! We’ll show you how to do it with their best interests in mind. We can help you sort your initial parenting arrangements or remediate things that aren’t working for your family.


When you can’t agree on your own, we’re here to solve your parenting struggles for you. We’re talking about the tough stuff, especially confusion or misunderstanding as a result of your parenting agreement.


You want to leave your marriage but don’t know how to do it - How do I tell my spouse? What do I say to the kids? We can guide you. Some couples even choose to come together so the process is properly managed right from the start.

Voice of
The Child

Children have their own views and opinions on what’s going on in their lives. When their voice needs to be considered, we interview them in a safe space, keeping them out of the courtroom and away from any associated trauma.

When disagreements arise between parents regarding decision-making for their children or matters concerning parenting time post-separation, either the Courts or the parents themselves may seek a Parenting Plan Evaluation (previously termed as custody/access assessment) under Section 30 of the Children’s Law Reform Act.

A Parenting Plan Evaluation is an intricate and thorough process involving an in-depth investigation into the family’s circumstances. This includes extensive interviews with parents, the children, important family members, and community connections, such as the child’s school, therapists, and doctors. Occasionally, psychological assessments might also be necessary. Furthermore, both parents’ interactions with the children are observed in various environments.

Upon gathering comprehensive historical information and understanding the current dynamics causing conflict, recommendations are made, primarily focusing on the best interests and developmental requirements of the children involved.

A disclosure meeting is typically conducted, where all findings are discussed with the parents and their legal representatives. The aim is to craft a detailed parenting plan that could potentially aid in resolving disputes between co-parents and fostering healthy relationships. Evaluations usually span between 45 to 60 hours and last an average of four months, though this timeline may differ based on each family’s circumstances. A comprehensive report can be provided upon request.

Parenting Plan Evaluations